Wheels are unconditionally warranted for a period of one year from the date stamped on the product against defects of materials or workmanship such as peeling, flaking, or blistering of chrome plating.


This warranty does not cover corrosion or any type of discoloration due to use of chemicals, detergents, polishing compounds, or coarse abrasives used in cleaning.  Automatic car washes are not recommended.


These warranties are void if wheels are damaged with nicks from improper tire mounting, improper installation, accident, curb damage, normal wear and tear, neglect, or road impact.


These Warranties Are Not Transferable

All warranty returns do not cover any return freight charges, misuse, towing charges, negligence, road hazard, improper mounting, improper alignment, off-road use, improper weight, or high speed travel.  The warranties also do not assume any responsibilities for diagnosis, removal, balancing, or cost of installation labor.


Care Instructions

Always clean chrome or painted wheels with mild soap and water.  Do not use any harsh chemicals, detergents, or polishing compounds that contain abrasive on chrome or painted wheels.  Using these types of products can cause permanent damage to you wheels and will void your warranty!

Remember to run cool water on wheels before cleaning or let wheels cool off by themselves.  Failure to cool wheels before cleaning can cause discoloration.






This is an example of pitting. The pitting in this picture was caused by salt in the air and corrosion from the elements.



Peeling on the backside may be common; however, it is not covered under warranty.



Here is a wheel that hit something, making an impression on the lip. Dings and dents on a wheel that are not discovered directly out of the box are not covered by warranty



Flat spot and other out-of-round occurrences are not covered. These are often caused by shipping or by driving and hitting a pothole, etc. --Damage from shipping is claimed through the shipping company.

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