Our Tuff line has exploded in popularity and recognition this year. Making Tuff AT recognized as the fastest growing off-road wheel brand in the US.  Leading our sales is the T-01 with the interchangeable inserts and logo emblem. The inserts and logo emblem of this design gives the customer the ability to custom tailor their wheels very simply. 20x12 and 22x12 are now available sizes for the most extreme off-roaders.

What We Do
Our parent company, Good Roads Auto Systems Inc. has been servicing customers worldwide since 1982.  Usually stocking 80,000+ wheels and thousands of tires, we have the largest wheel inventory anywhere on the east coast of the United States. A large inventory takes a large sales force, and the combination of Good Roads and Status Alloys have 18 very knowledgeable sales associates to help you every step of the way.

Good Roads has the most diverse inventory in the world. Status Alloys has some of the best styles in the world. Combined we have wheels ranging from 13” to 32”, staggered, tuner, all terrain and big chrome. Good Roads is the exclusive distributor of over fifty major wheel brands such as Asanti, Concept One, DUB, Fuel, Konig, Lexani, Ruff Racing, Status Alloy, TSW, TUFF A/T, XXR, XO and more! Both divisions are  continuing to grow, and have just added another 70,000 sqft warehouse and stocked it full of Toyo, Lexani, Pirelli and Delinte tires. We have also increased our 28” and 30” wheel inventory. If your customer wants it, Good Roads  and Status Alloys have it!

Good Roads has two strategically located warehouses to serve you. Our Fort Lauderdale location can ship next day to southern- and central Florida, Puerto Rico, and most of the Caribbean. The Tampa location can deliver same-day to central- and north Florida. With these two locations, Good Roads can deliver 4 wheels or a container full of wheels anywhere in the world.  










Wheel Drilling



With an incredible amount of combined wheel experience, we have custom drilled over 500,000 wheels. This experience has taught us how to make miracles happen. If you find yourself in a situation where nothing seems to fit, speak to us about our custom wheel drilling options.









Status Team

Name: Shawn Halas
Position: Status Manager
Years with GR: 9 years
Years in the wheel industry: 16 years
  Name: Jose M. Marrufo
Position: Status National Sales
Years with GR: 1 years
Years in the wheel industry: 5 years
  Name: Judy Gonzalez
Position: Status National Sales
Years with GR: 6 years
Years in the wheel industry: 8 years
Name: Jason Benyo
Position: Status National Sales
Years with GR: 10 years
Years in the wheel industry: 10 years
  Name: Eber Ramirez
Position: Status International Sales
Years with GR: 12 Years
Years in the wheel industry: 12 years
Name: Gio Capote
Position: Status National Sales
Years with GR: 10 years
Years in the wheel industry: 12 years

Status Alloys 

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Phone: 800.804.7156  
Fax: 954.735.3373

Good Roads

5360 NW 35th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Phone: 954.771.5767


Good Roads

10333 Woodberry Road
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